SexSpeak: Advanced

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SexSpeak: Advanced

Now here's where we take the previous two levels and blow them out of the box. Again, we're not talking nasty, here. (Although there's something to be said for down-and-dirty talk. Some couples love it, and it certainly has its place. We're just not addressing that here.) With the Advanced level, the more creative SexSpeakers can really shine.

Here's the main difference between Basic and Intermediate SexSpeak and Advanced SexSpeak: Advanced SexSpeak isn't about you. Not ultimately, anyway.

To put it another way, Advanced SexSpeakers use their own physical pleasure as a launching pad to bring their partner into their experience of pleasure. This completes the circle of connectivity between you and your lover.

The difference is subtle, but the real kicker is frequency and, of course, timing. You don't want to talk your way through the entire lovemaking session, for sure. A few lines of directed encouragement are great during the first phases of lovemaking. Perhaps stick to Basic and Intermediate SexSpeak during this time. It's also a good idea to stay silent and enjoy each other's bodies for a while as well. As things get heated, so can your SexSpeak. A well-timed, Advanced line can actually send a nearly orgasmic partner right over the edge.



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