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How can water be used as a sex lubricant?

Water: Nature's Sex Lube

There are many scenarios in which we find ourselves needing more fluids during sex. Keep water by the bed, and lots of it. It's the perfect choice to keep you lubricated inside … and out. Since we dehydrate during sexual activity, replenish fluids by drinking water on a regular basis (roughly 8 ounces for every 15 minutes of physical exertion). Also, plain old water is an often-overlooked, yet ideal sex lube. Here's one fun way to use it: During oral sex, take a small mouthful of water and spray it from your mouth onto you lover's genitals. Don't hold it in your mouth too long, or this will warm the water too much. After the heat of your mouth, you want your lover to experience a cool sensation.

Do lubricants come in flavors?

Fun Lubricants

Who says sex lubes can't be fun? Besides the slippery sensation lubes offer, many have flavors and scents to help take lovemaking to a whole new level. Oral sex can get a boost when you smell and taste flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and even bubble gum. Spicy lubes are available that taste of cinnamon and tingle on your skin. As you can see, some lubricants put the fun in function!

Should I use a water-based lubricant?

Choosing A Lube

Some lubricants are made of glycerin, which can become sticky or stain sheets and clothing. Water-based personal lubricants are odorless and non-staining. Many also come in a gel format. This ensures that the lube won't drip where you don't want it. A quick tip: If a water-based lube dries up before you are ready to wash it off completely, all it takes is a few drops of water to reactivate it.

How important is lubrication to sex?

The Basics Of Lubrication

Sex is best experienced when there is a sufficient amount of moisture in and around the area of penetration. This allows for smoother movement and less damage to sensitive skin tissue. When our own lubrication system does not provide enough moisture, artificial lubricants come in quite handy. Simply apply a small amount to the opening, the item that is penetrating, or both.

Do women produce less vaginal lubrication as they age?

When Lubricants Are Needed

As they age, women's ability to produce natural vaginal lubrication decreases. This can also occur at various points of the month in her menstrual cycle. Also, if the body is experiencing dehydration, chances are the vagina will as well. Luckily, sex lubricants offer a quick and easy solution to this problem. Most lubricants are very concentrated as well, so a little goes a long way.

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