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Are there vibrating dildos?

Dildo Vibrators: The Best Of Both Worlds

If you like a combination of penetration and vibration during sex play, a dildo vibrator is the choice for you. The versatility of these sex toys allows you to have the best of both worlds. Use the shaft for penetration, then adjust the vibrator speed to the level that gives you the most comfort and pleasure. Or you can use the vibrator and dildo functions separately, depending on your mood.

What is a strap-on dildo?

Strap-on And Get In Control

Using a strap-on dildo is a fantastic way to experience a little role reversal with your partner. Specially designed dildos slip into a harness which is strapped around the hips. Some harnesses even resemble a pair of panties or shorts. Dildos of varying sizes can be fitted in the harness, depending on the kind of play you are interested in. Some are perfect for anal penetration, while others are designed for full vaginal penetration. The possibilities are endless, as are the pleasures!

How long have dildos been used?

A Brief History Of The Dildo

Archeologists have unearthed the dildos,which were used as fertility symbols in ancient civilizations. Ancient texts from around the world, including tales from The Arabian Nights, reference fruit, vegetables, and other phallic objects being used for sexual gratification. The Italian word "diletto" means "to delight." This is how we came to the modern English word, "dildo."

What is the history of the dildo?

Need A Hobby? Collect Dildos!

One of the oldest sexual aides in history is the dildo. Not only is it an ancient symbol of fertility, the Greeks used dildos made of wood or leather as sexual toys, although they were called "olisbos." (In fact, olive oil was, at that time, the lubricant of choice!) Today, in the universe of dildo adult toys varieties are just about infinite. Certainly there are enough fascinating models that could amount to an impressive collection.

Can I make my own dildo?

One Is Never Enough?

If you are lucky enough to have a lover with a perfect penis, why not treasure it forever by cloning it? Not genetically, of course, but with a dildo kit. Perfect rubber replicas can be made of your partner's penis using a special mold. It's a great way to spend a fun evening with your lover. And at the end of the project, you'll have your favorite penis ready for you whenever you want it!

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