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What is a bungee sex swing?

Try A Bouncing Bungee Sex Swing!

Not into chains? Try a bungee sex swing. Suspended by a heavy duty bungee cord, the swing still offers gravity-defying fun. The sturdy bungee cord also allows for better bouncing action. Best yet, the harness is adjustable to fit all sizes and shapes of lovers.

What is a sex swing?

The (Sex) Swinging Life

Perhaps one of the most fun sex toys ever created is the sex swing. You and your lover can enjoy complete freedom of movement in your lovemaking. Most swings are easily installed in a door frame or ceiling and are completely rotatable. That way, you can enjoy your favorite positions without stress or strain. And you may come up with a few new positions as well!

How do I mount a sex swing?

Take A Stand For Your Love Swing

Always wanted a love swing but didn't know where to put it? A great new invention is a love swing stand. Made of sturdy steel, the unit is free-standing. That means no more holes in your ceiling! Most units hold up to 400 pounds and have a wide stance, which allows for a wider range of movement. Because they can be put together quickly and simply, they can also be stored with ease.

How can I add variety to my sex life?

Playing With Toys

Every relationship needs a little variety. Sex toys are a great way to spice things up. From dildos and cock rings to videos and vibrators, there are plenty of great items on the market. The best way to find out what is best for you and/or a lover is to try a few out. Experimenting with a number of different toys is a great way to get closer as a couple as well.

Can I read reviews of love swings?

Reviews of Love Swings

If you are not convinced that a love swing is for you, why not have a look at what others are saying? The Internet is full of sex swing reviews for you to read. (Here's a preview: Most of them are raves.) Do all the research you need before purchasing this sex toy. It is a bit of an investment, but for those who enjoy it, it's a must-have addition to a home sex collection.

What is a spinning sex swing?

Spinning Sex Swings

If trying new things is your game, you may wish to try a spinning sex swing. The adjustable spinning swing gives great support to back and hips, allowing you to try new positions without the burden of gravity! There's really nothing you can't try with this swing, since most rotate 360 degrees and can hold up to 300 pounds. It gives "swinging" a whole new meaning!

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