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Who should initiate sex?

Role Reversals

In the world of lovemaking, balance and variety are important. A stereotypical scenario is that men initiate sex and women agree to or reject it. This can get boring for anyone! If you find yourself playing the same roles over and over again, try switching them. You may be very pleasantly surprised by the results.

Is it normal for older women to have sex?

Sex And The Older Woman

Great strides are being made in society and medicine. We're living longer, more enriched lives. These days, the combination of an older woman and sex is no longer an odd one. In truth, older women are many times better lovers because they have had the opportunity to discover their own bodies and become comfortable with them. Any partner she takes on is sure to benefit from her knowledge.

Is having multiple partners wrong for a woman?

Survival Of The Sexiest

In the 21st century, the old views of sexuality seem to be evolving along with our species. No longer is a man who has a lot of sex partners considered a "stud," but a woman who does the same considered "slutty." In fact, chimpanzees, who share 98% of DNA with humans, show that the females will take a number of male partners during ovulation -- or sometimes just for fun! As it is with chimpanzees, it would seem that women having sex with a variety of partners is nature's way to ensure survival of the fittest.

Will natural lubrication wane as a women ages?

Keeping Sex Smooth As We Age

There are a great number of healthy activities for mature women, and sex is certainly one of them. As a woman ages, her natural lubrication may decrease. Therefore, the couple may wish to spend more time luxuriating in the foreplay portion of lovemaking to ensure the woman is ready for comfortable penetration. In addition, an artificial lubricant may be used to help things along.

Is a woman's sex drive as high as a man's?

Sex Drive In Women

One of the biggest misconceptions about women and sex is that women's sex drive is not as strong as men's. This is simply not the case. There is one major difference, however. Men hit their sexual peaks at around the age of eighteen and women reach their peaks in their thirties. This does not mean however that women have a lower sex drive or that men cease to have interest in sex as they age. We all have the same basic drives, although each person experiences them differently.

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