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Will communication help me be a better lover?

Communication In Bed

A great way to ensure a better sex life is to develop open communication between you and your partner. Sharing what you like and don't like in bed is key to being a better lover. Make sure that the door swings both ways: You must be able to listen as well as be heard. Establish trust by letting your partner share his or her feelings openly. In turn, you should have the same freedom to share your needs and desires as well.

What do I need to do to be a better lover?

The Art Of Making Love

All the skills in the world are not going to make you the greatest lover. What does give you a better sex technique is paying attention to the person you are making love to. In other words, think of your lover as a blank canvas. Sure, you'll bring your past experiences to the canvas and paint with a few of your favorite colors, but pay attention to the kinds of strokes your canvas needs to make that painting beautiful. You are the artist, but without your subject, you've got nothing!

If I don't have an orgasm, am I having sex the wrong way?

Sex Is Not A Sport

You may be surprised to find that for many people being goal-oriented is not one of the qualities of good sex. In other words, achieving orgasm for many lovers is not the main goal. It's a nice fringe benefit, of course, but for those who have a deeply satisfying sex life, there are many ways to enjoy sex. In addition, by eliminating the pressure of the necessity to have an orgasm, sex becomes more playful and gratifying without losing its arousal factor.

How can I have better sex?

Who Wants Better Sex?

Nearly every adult wants better sex. Or at least to be a better lover. There are many opportunities to reach that goal. A few of the most popular methods are reading a sexual self-help book, taking a seminar, or renting a sex video. Whatever you choose, your partner is sure to appreciate the extra effort you're putting into your love life.

How can I learn about better sex?

How Can I Be A Better Lover?

Many of us want to know how to have better sex. Luckily there are plenty of products and services on the market to help us gain that knowledge. For some, watching an educational sex video is helpful. For others, just reading up on new techniques (and putting them in practice at home) is enough. Many couples learn together by joining seminars and events that are geared toward enriching their sex life together. There is no shortage of assistance available to those who want to learn, so dive in -- but most importantly, have fun!

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