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Where can I learn about sex toys?

Using A Sex Toy Guide

If you're confused about what sex toys are available, you may need the help of a sex toy guide. Guides like these are invaluable. They can show you not only what is on the market, but keep you up-to-date on popular items. Most importantly, you can learn how the toys are used and how to keep them in great working (or playing) condition.

Can men use sex toys with a partner?

Toys To Make Everyone Happy

Male-oriented sex toys are a great choice for men who want to keep up stamina during self-pleasure or pleasure with a partner. Personal sex aides like silicone sheaths and sleeves add nice variety to typical masturbation methods. If you want to give your female partner a thrill as well, there are plenty of ticklers, extenders, and rings that are sure to make her happy.

Are there sex toys for men?

The Sleeve

Men like to play, too, and there are a number of great sex toys geared just for them. A very popular theme in male sex toys is a variation on what is called a "sleeve." Typically this is a hollow tube of silicone or some pliable plastic that is slipped over the penis and used during masturbation. Applying lubrication to the penis before using the sleeve gives even more flexibility and comfort.

Are there any realistic sex toys for men?

Beyond Blow-up Dolls

Times are changing. These days, if you're a man, sex toys are being developed bigger, better, and more realistically -- just for you. Beyond blow-up dolls (and there are still plenty of those around), sex toys for men come in so many varieties the fun never has to end. Realistic vaginas are quite popular, and some of the newest models even include vibrating elements to show men a really good time.

What is a popular male sex toy?

Sometimes Second-best Isn't Bad

Very sought-after sex toys for men include life-like masturbation tools such as replications of vaginas. Some are even in the shape of popular adult movie stars! These toys are a little more expensive than the typical masturbators, but their visual and sensual likeness to the real think tends to make it worthwhile.

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