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Can dildos be made of glass?

Sex Toy Or Sculpture?

A newer dildo on the market could easily be considered a work of art. Made of tempered glass, these handcrafted dildos don't necessarily look like "the real thing," but rather an artistic rendering. More like a beautiful crystal sculpture that would not look out of place on top of your mantle or on a coffee table! The sheer beauty of a glass dildo makes it a collectible piece of art as well as a great sex toy for women.

What are ben-wa balls?

Discreet Pleasure For Women

Originally designed by the Japanese, ben-wa balls offer discreet pleasure for a woman. The two gold-plated balls are inserted into the vagina. Here, they roll against vaginal walls and against each other, sending vibrations of pleasure to the wearer. No one will ever know you're using them...except for the smile on your face, perhaps!

Where is the "G spot"?

All-in-one Pleasure

With all the ways female stimulation is possible, sex toys for women often end up resembling strange kitchen appliances or alien space crafts. A few of these pleasure contraptions cover all the bases. They stimulate the clitoris, penetrate the vagina, and even simultaneously arouse the G spot (the sensitive, pea-sized area at the anterior wall of the vagina). It's like having a carnival ride in your very own home! What else could you ask for in a women's sex toy?

How do female sex toys work?

Plenty Of Toys For Everyone

There is a large variety of female sex toys available to consumers. A few were even designed by physicians in order to give women optimum pleasure. Whether they vibrate, penetrate, or oscillate, women today never today never have to worry about finding a toy that suits their particular needs.

What can a single woman do to stay sexually satisfied?

Take Yourself On A Date

There's no doubt that for a single woman, sex toys are a great way to stay satisfied. In fact, studies show that many women actually prefer a quiet evening of luxurious masturbating to having intercourse with a partner on occasion. Why not try a solo date night for yourself to see how it compares? Fill a bubble bath, pop open some champagne, select your favorite dildo or vibrator, and let the pampering begin.

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