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What is a USB vibrator?

Love Your Computer (With a Vibrator)

Give cybersex a whole new meaning: Try a USB vibrator. The USB port is the area on your computer that peripheral hardware is plugged into, such as a printer or your iPod. Now, a clever sex toy creator has invented a vibrator that uses your computer's power to generate it. Simply plug the main vibrating unit into the USB port, choose a tip to fit over the vibrator and the rest is up to you. The USB vibrator is an obvious choice for fans of online porn. It's also a great "green" option for those who are opposed to using disposable batteries that can damage the environment.

What is a rabbit vibrator?

The Rabbit Vibrator

One of the most multi-faceted vibrators is what is called the rabbit vibrator. Several speeds of vibration are offered with this incredible toy. The shaft is filled with rotating, vibrating pearls. The "rabbit" portion of the vibrator is actually a clitoral tickler. Controls allow you to switch from rotate and vibrate to pivot and alternate or swing and pulsate!

Can anyone use a vibrator?

Your First Sex Toy

If you'd like to spice up your sex life but are unsure of what to do, sex toy vibrators are a great option. They can be used by both men and women. Since many vibrators have varying speed settings (usually three or more), you can adjust the movements to fit your needs. There's no rule that says vibrators have to be used on the genitals alone. Many couples enjoy using them as full-body massagers for a top-to-bottom sensual adventure.

What does the jack rabbit vibrator do?

Slip Into The Jack Rabbit Vibrator

A variation on the rabbit vibrator is the jack rabbit vibrator. With this amazing sex toy, you get three sexual sensations in one. As with the original, you'll get clitoral stimulation. Also, the twirling shaft is filled with titillating vibrating pearls. But the jack rabbit also offers thrusting action when strapped on with its crotchless and fully adjustable harness.

What do vibrators do?

The Future Of Vibrators

Women are complex creatures. Their sex toys are no different. Because they need a variety of stimulation, a great sex toy for women is one that provides the perfect combination of penetration as well as clitoral stimulation. Many vibrators are now being created that do just that. They're big-sellers, so there's probably a chance even more varieties will be developed in the future.

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