Debunking The Kama Sutra

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Debunking The Kama Sutra

Did you know that the ancient Indian text, The Kama Sutra , (or Aphorisms on Love ) was not intended as a sex manual? The writings on sexual union were only a portion of the books deeper message of spiritual wholeness. (See? This whole sex-as-communication thing is making more sense now, isn't it?)

Today, we view The Kama Sutra as a kind of How To book for exotic lovemaking positions. True, the book does offer manipulations of sexual union that are guaranteed to change up the normal routine of man-on-top/woman-on-top. Let's not forget, however, the other, deeper message of The Kama Sutra —and indeed the point of all sexual intimacy we share with our partners—that two human beings are coming together to communicate love with their bodies. Any new sexual position you try isn't simply a trick to keep love alive, it's also a fresh way to communicate with your partner.



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