The Loving Touch Exercise

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The Loving Touch Exercise

By the time we graduate high school, we typically have a good idea about male and female physiology, the mechanics of sex, and how to prevent pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Unfortunately, many of us never receive an education in the finer points of sex, i.e., how to make love.

Try this Loving Touch Exercise to develop your sexual sensory techniques:

Lie down and roll onto your side, facing your partner. Regard your partner's body. Imagine what it would feel like if it were your own.

Maintaining slow and steady breathing and as much relaxation as you can, begin to touch your lover's body in slow movements. Let your hands and fingers slide along the lengths of limbs, belly, chest, neck, hair, toes, fingers...

As you touch your lover, imagine you are touching yourself. Consider how the pressure and motions of your hands would feel if you were making the same movements against your own body. This is a great opportunity to give your lover sensual pleasure while showing him/her how you like to be touched. (Those partners who are receiving touch: Pay attention to what your partner is communicating through his/her hands!)

After about 10-15 minutes, place one flat palm in the center of your lover's chest, just under the collarbone. This is a calming and grounding indicator that s/he is finished and ready to switch places. (Try not to use spoken language.)



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