Love Her…Period

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Love Her…Period

A difficult topic to broach for many couples is menstruation. More specifically, whether or not to have sex when your female partner is menstruating. From the perspective of many men, the thought of having sex during menstruation is off-putting because it seems “dirty” or abnormal. Many stigmas have been attached to menstruation for thousands of years (most of which were posited by men who didn't understand the process), so this is hardly a surprise. Some women, too, share these views – or simply don't feel the desire for sex while they have their period.

Let's debunk a couple of myths: Menstrual blood is not dirty. In fact, it helped to nourish all of us for the first nine months of our lives in utero. And in fact, menstruation is one of the most normal things a woman can do. (Actually, the absence of her period would be abnormal.)

If you're going to try sex during menstruation, you may wish to wait until the latter days of her cycle, when blood flow is decreased. There is a great benefit to making love at this time of the month as well: Her orgasms can help reduce period cramp pain. Some couples use this time to have unprotected sex, as getting pregnant is less likely. I t is still possible for her to get pregnant during her period—although it is rare—so keep this in mind. Couples looking to have children may use this time to practice conception-friendly positions.



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