Elected Celibacy

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Elected Celibacy

More and more people today are taking a break from the sexual arena. This can be due to a need to clear one's mind after an unfortunate series of sexual experiences just as it can be due to a quite happy desire to “save up” some energy for a while.

Regardless of why you may put the breaks on sex, consider taking a break. Admittedly, this alternative sex practice – or opposite of sex practice—is easier to do when you're single. Use the time to reflect on your sexual history. Make a list of areas you'd like to improve upon, in technique, in attitude, or both. If you find yourself aroused and wanting sex, pay attention to what has triggered it. Instead of acting on your sex drive, imagine what it would be like, realistically . What could you bring to this encounter that you may not have done in the past?

Interestingly, taking a vacation from your active sexual practice is a fantastic way to become a better lover…if you look honestly at how you can improve once you begin again. If you practice elected celibacy in a constructive way (forgive the terrible but appropriate pun), abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.



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