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In one way or another, we are all voyeurs. Human beings receive pleasure through receiving visual stimuli, such as a sunset, a beautiful mountain vista, or a work of art. What makes voyeurism an alternative sexual practice is the deliberate yet secretive viewing of other people—typically in states of undress or in the act of making love—in order to achieve personal sexual arousal.

When done discreetly and without deliberate manipulation of the scenario, voyeurism is actually a harmless practice. (Perhaps you've encountered a couple in a neighboring building who happened to leave their windows open as they get ready for bed.) What makes voyeurism a turn-on for some is the connection we feel to the universal sense of sexual arousal combined with the sense of control we have as the invisible (and therefore omnipotent) observer.

You and you lover can practice playful voyeurism at home. Next time you take a shower or get undressed for bed, give your lover a little signal…then leave the bathroom/bedroom door open. Once you know your lover is watching, you may wish to put on a little show: wash yourself slowly and sensually in the shower or linger as you slip off that last article of clothing. If you're a bit of an exhibitionist anyway, it's a perfect combination for a very arousing encounter.



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