Analingus: The Other Oral Sex

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Analingus: The Other Oral Sex

Often overlooked in the world of oral sex is analingus, or lip and tongue stimulation of the anus. Although many see this as a strictly homosexual activity, nothing can be farther from the truth. In fact, if you're already giving oral sex to your partner, you may incorporate analingus into the act. However, this type of stimulation requires a more caution.

  • Start with a clean anus and a clean mouth. You both may choose to shower together beforehand. It's nice foreplay.
  • Never move from anus to vagina or anus to penis directly. You'll need to rinse with antibacterial mouthwash first. Don't forget to swish with water afterwards; the mouthwash may sting your lover's sensitive skin.
  • If you wish to include both anal and oral play, put a dental dam (latex sheets similar to saran wrap) over the anus.
Both men and women have thousands of nerve endings around the edge of the anus, so this kind of stimulation can be incredibly pleasurable. There's no reason to avoid this kind of stimulation, just be safe about it.



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