Be a Body Buccaneer

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Be a Body Buccaneer

Close your eyes. What does the bottom of your lover's right foot look like? Don't know? Have you ever seen it?

Time to fix all that.

Get naked together. Choose a place where you are most comfortable, either in bed, in a bath, or even lounging on the couch.

Take turns exploring each other's body. For each place you touch, try to invest as many senses as you can in the action. For example, if you touch the small of your lover's back, feel the hairs under your fingertips. Smell the scent of his/her skin. Taste it. What are the sensations you feel in your body as you do this?

Take your time on each area. Don't rush! It may feel odd, but keep going. And it's perfectly okay to laugh and have fun while you investigate each other.



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