Fun with Condoms (Yes, it's Possible)

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Fun with Condoms (Yes, it's Possible)

Does anyone really like using condoms? Whether we do or not, condoms are a necessity. So, here's an easy tip to make using one more fun: Break up the interruption of putting on a condom by having your partner do it for you…with his/her mouth.

  1. Unwrap the condom.
  2. Place the tip in your mouth, and press down with your lips, pushing out excess air in the tip. The rolled edge should be sticking out of your lips.
  3. As though you are about to kiss the tip of your partner's penis, place your lips at the top of the penis, positioning the condom. (Keep the condom
  4. Use your lips (and mouth) to slide the condom down the length of the penis. You can use your fingers to help unroll the condom, if needed.



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