Anal Sex Q&A

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Anal Sex Q&A

Let's start by clearing up some questions about anal sex.

Q. If I enjoy anal sex, does it mean I'm gay?
A. No. No. No. And, no. Next question?

Q. Isn't anal sex unhealthy?
A. It can be if you don't take proper safety measures. The rectum carries infection-causing bacteria. Always use a condom during anal sex, and change it every time you switch to vaginal or oral sex and back.

Q. What if I start and I don't like it?
A. This is when anal sex becomes oral: Say something . Of all types of intercourse, anal sex requires that both partners are comfortable with verbal communication. Whether male or female, you have to trust your partner enough to relax and enjoy the experience as well as to speak up if you're having discomfort.

Q. Is anal sex dangerous?
A. Not at all. As long as you start clean, use protection, go slowly, and remember that anything that is used to penetrate the anus must have a flared base to avoid it slipping entirely into the rectum.

Q. So, if anal sex is so great why isn't it more popular?
A. Oh, but it is. It's just that many societies have a stigma against this kind of intercourse for religious or personal reasons. The truth is that anal sex can be highly pleasurable for both partners. There are several nerve endings around the anus that, when stimulated, can enhance arousal. And for men, the anus is the route to stimulate their prostate gland, usually causing a cataclysmically fantastic orgasm!



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