Oral Sex Redefined

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Oral Sex Redefined

One of the biggest (and simplest) parts of foreplay actually happens before you hit the bed: Talking. Try this tip when you want to initiate sex. (It works extremely well with a new lover.)

Ask your partner, “What turns you on the most during sex?” Open the floor for communication. Be sure to express that you're ready to hear anything, no matter how odd it may seem. If you do hear something that seems strange to you, don't react as such. Remember, you're not necessarily going to be expected to do whatever s/he says. Just listen right now.

Chances are, your partner will take up the challenge and ask you the same question. Answer honestly. Often this will begin a discussion about mutual likes and dislikes. As the discussion gets more titillating, speak softly and look your partner in the eyes. Be ready for talk to switch to action!

Bonus Tip : Remember what your partner said during your sex talk. Try to find a natural way to incorporate his/her turn-ons into your sex together.



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