The Quiet Types

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The Quiet Types

Sometimes silence is golden. Lovers who have been together a long time or who are lucky enough to have that unspoken connection in their lives both in and out of bed often also have the ability to convey their feelings without speaking aloud.

Typically, sex for these people is a way of talking, so there's not much if anything to be said after the physical act has finished. Resting quietly in each other's presence is enough to round out the connection made during sex…and stay connected in those moments afterwards.

Unfortunately, many people are uncomfortable with silence. They think their partner may be covering something up or avoiding something. That's why the Quiet Types who engage in peaceful silence immediately after sex are usually couples who know each other well and trust each other deeply.

Bonus Tip : To become a Quiet Type, make a pact of five minutes of total silence after making love. Hold each other and say nothing for five whole minutes. As you rest in silence, let your mind clear and concentrate on the soothing physical presence of your lover.



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