Common Sense of Safe Sex

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What are other ways to have safe sex besides using condoms?

Common Sense of Safe Sex

There's more to safe sex than abstinence and/or using condoms. The common sense of safe sex includes a few other tips as well:

  • No means no. If either one of you is uncomfortable with getting sexually intimate, stop. Sex is meant to be pleasurable for both parties. If one person is reluctant, the positive energy disappears.
  • Stay away from alcohol or drugs, especially if you and your partner are a new couple. While a glass of wine is a great way to unwind and drop inhibitions, overdoing it can lead to taking greater risks.
  • Communicate. Talk about sex before you have it. Find out your partner's views on health and, if possible, get an idea of his/her experience. Was s/he safe with other lovers? Does s/he believe in taking responsibility for his/her own safety? Both of you should take part in keeping each other safe.



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