Variety Is the Real "Best Position"

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What is the best sexual position?

Variety Is the Real "Best Position"

Looking for advice from others on the best sexual position is not the right way to go. Just because they enjoy something does not mean that you or your partner will. Not to mention, the best way to find out what you really like is to try all of the possibilities together. Believe me, few things in this world are as much fun to experiment with as sex.

Some positions allow for deeper penetration, some allow for easier clitoral stimulation and others offer a greater sense of intimacy, but above all, they are all sex. Try out new things, don't just go by the book or the advice of others. Try angling your bodies in different positions, use props and toys and pay close attention the things that elicit the most favorable response from your partner. Their advice on what is best is really the only one you should be listening to anyway.



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