SexSpeak: Intermediate

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SexSpeak: Intermediate

The next level of SexSpeak takes the same idea of basic SexSpeak and fine-tunes it. They move beyond finite phrases of encouragement like “Oh, yeah,” which are the equivalent of “I like what you're doing; keep it up.” Because pleasure is subjective, your partner may have received the information that you like what s/he is doing, but s/he may not know why. Or, more specifically, what is it that is going on that is giving you pleasure.

The idea here is to educate your lover so that s/he knows precisely what is turning you on. The information gets filed, stored, and now your partner knows how to better please you. Not to mention the fact that most of us get a real charge out of being able to give pleasure to our partners. In a way, by employing SexSpeak, you're performing a service to you both.

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