Tell Me What You Want

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Tell Me What You Want

One of the biggest mistakes women make in bed is sadly a well-intentioned one. We've all been there at one time or another. Perhaps with a new lover or a lover who is so sweet and attentive…but he's doing it (whatever it is) wrong. Perhaps his touch is too hard or soft or he's touching in the wrong area. And what do we do? We make encouraging noises anyway.

Next time your lover isn't quite getting it right, it's your responsibility to let him know. There's no need to bark out orders (no one responds well to that). Instead, stay in the moment of intimacy and suggest to him that he can be softer/harder or gently guide him to the right area. If you don't, you're only encouraging him to continue as one male friend of mine calls it, “bad behavior.”

Remember, men want to please you. But they're not mind readers. By helping your partner understand your body, you're doing both of you a big favor!



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