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A big thrill for a lot of people is being naked in public. Of course there are variations on this theme, and levels of intensity where exhibitionism is concerned. Some exhibitionists are simply so happy with their bodies that they want to show them off. As a sexual practice, however, exhibitionism usually involves exposing the genitals, specifically, in order to experience arousal.

Sanctioned ways to express the general exhibitionist in you include nude beaches and public clothing-optional spas and campgrounds. If you're more the secretive sexy type, here are a few places to go au naturale on the sly.

  • In the back of a taxicab
  • Your backyard
  • Drive-in movie
  • In your apartment/house with the curtains open
  • Car wash
  • Back table at a restaurant
  • Public restroom
  • Laundromat
Start by exposing a little at a time. Use your judgment. Never force yourself on anyone, and never expose yourself to children.



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