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Some couples enjoy the sexual attention of others outside their relationship. This practice tends to go against our mainly monogamous society, but open relationships or “swinging” does work for some. In general, a couple will come into their relationship knowing this predilection, so engaging in sexual activity with others is not a shock.

However, if you're just considering this idea, please accept the following tips:

  • Both partners must be equally willing to investigate sex with others.
  • A good idea is to encounter an outside lover or another couple together as opposed to separately.
  • If you feel it necessary, establish some ground rules about choosing your extra partner(s), where to meet, levels of intimacy, certain sex acts that are reserved only for you both in private, etc.
  • Always, always, always use protection.
  • Keep a healthy line of communication open before, during, and after all encounters. Understand that either one of you has the right to stop at any time.



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