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If you've never tried role-playing with your partner, please do. It's a mind-freeing and inexpensive way to open up your entire relationship. In daily life we can get stuck in the roles society has laid out for us—colleague, wife, husband, mother, father, sibling, etc. When we find a trusting partner to play with us outside of our own personal boxes, it can result not only in great sex, but also in a sense of empowerment away from the bedroom.

The scenario you choose can be anything at all, but do choose one that thrills you. I know that may seem obvious, but many people have trouble coming up with “good” characters. Forget qualifiers like “good.” The more into the character you choose, the more you'll commit to the role-playing.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Masseuse/Client (This is great for beginners…and you can get a nice sensual massage as well!)
  • Strangers meeting for the first time (A good one for recharging long-term relationships.)
  • Teacher/Student
  • Boss/Colleague
  • Police/Perp
  • Doctor/Patient
Be sure to be supportive of each other and stay in character until after the game has ended. Always make some transition time with each other afterwards.



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