Erotic Massage 101

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Erotic Massage 101

Erotic massage is similar to a typical body massage, except that the genitals are also included as part of the treatment. For men and women, the massage begins the same way – with slow, soothing strokes and rubbing along the back, neck legs, arms, belly, face, and head.

During erotic massage, however, introduce the genitals as subtly as you can. Do this by brushing them lightly with your fingertips (or long hair, if you have it) as you work your way down to the legs, and back up. This serves to awaken arousal, preparing the body for sexual attention. Keep your movements slow and peaceful. (Note: If your partner falls asleep, don't be upset; this is the biggest compliment you can get! You can always try again another time.)

Bonus Tip : The longer you “tease”—by brushing or actually massaging the inner thighs and letting a finger or two stray against the genitals as you do so—the more excited your lover will be when you begin more direct stimulation.



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