Slick Oil Tips

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Slick Oil Tips

How do you know what oils or lotions are right for massage?

Oils: Massage oils come in many varieties, from unscented to a wide range of floral, woody, and citrus scents. What you choose really depends on your taste as a couple. There are also edible oils on the market, specifically designed for sensual massage (i.e., you can lick them off your lover's body). Be careful with these, as some people have allergic reactions to them. Test the oil first, both on each other's skin and on your tongues. Some oils cannot be used in conjunction with latex products, so keep this in mind.

Lotions: These are a great alternative if you don't want to deal with the stains oils can make. In addition, lotions don't cause skin breakouts the way oils can, particularly if your skin is oily to begin with. Like oils, however, lotions are not to be used with latex products such as condoms and toys, as they break them down.

Regardless of your preference, get the maximum benefit from your massage lubrication by pouring a small amount into your palm and rubbing hour hands together before touching your lover's body. By doing this, you not only warm up the oil/lotion for a nicer tactile experience, but you'll also better prepare your hands for smooth gliding.



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