Why Massage?

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Why Massage?

Most couples think of a physical relationship only in terms of sex. However, another wonderfully intense way to be physically intimate with you partner is through massage. Massage allows you to pay close attention to your lover's entire body with no time limits or expectations toward progressing toward sex.

When we make love, oftentimes the focus of our attention is the “goal” of orgasm. Naturally, our attentions turn to the genitals as a result. With mutual massage, the pressure to perform and the goal-oriented path are both alleviated. Massage is also a fantastic alternative for couples abstaining from sex for health or personal reasons.

Massage opens up energy channels in the body, allowing natural vitality to flow more freely though the body. It can be relaxing or invigorating, depending on the pressure and speed you choose, as well as the types of oils or lotions you use.

Most importantly, massage brings you closer to your mate. Silent touching brings a whole new mode of communication to your relationship. The best part is, couples can use massage when their relationship is thriving, but also when things are not going as well—it's a perfect way to heal emotional rifts.



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