In Praise of a Good Fight

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In Praise of a Good Fight

Sometimes after you've been with the same person for awhile, you can barely stand the sight of him/her. Oh, sure, you love your partner, but if you have to listen to him slurp his way through one more pint of noodles or smell that fruity hairgoo she wears (because apparently smelling like a kiwi is a good thing), you're going to lose it.

So go ahead.

The next time you have a stand-off (assuming it's not a serious one), stop the yelling, give a big smile, and plant a wet one on your partner. Say "I love you" or some other sweetness. I guarantee you'll both forget the argument. It may not lead to sex, but at least you'll keep the peace.

Bonus Tip : I also highly recommend the occasional knock-down-drag-out pillow fight.



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