Vacation Sex: Hedonism Revisited

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Vacation Sex: Hedonism Revisited

No, you don't have to book tickets to Paris or some tropical getaway just to have vacation sex. (But if you can, then do it!) Here's a quick and easy tip that any couple can do, regardless of their home situation and budget.

  1. Start with a plan. Pick a weekend date at least one month in advance, as if you were going on holiday. Circle it on the calendar.
  2. Option 1: Book a hotel or bed and breakfast in your town.
  3. Option 2: If this isn't in the budget, plan to stay home. (If you live with children or roommates, arrange for them to stay elsewhere during your holiday.)
  4. Start getting excited.
  5. When the date arrives, unplug the phone, treat yourselves to a bottle of champagne, order in… Whatever you do, don't work. Pamper each other for a full 48 hours.
Bonus Tip : If you can stand it, don't even leave the bed unless absolutely necessary. This is a fantastic and fun way to luxuriate with each other. (My record is 72 hours straight. If you can beat that, drop me a line and I'll personally congratulate you.)



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