Heavy Petting

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Heavy Petting

The practice of “heavy petting” probably conjures up an image of two teenagers grappling in the back of a steamy-windowed car. However, petting is a wonderful prelude or alternative to actual intercourse. Petting is defined as touching or rubbing against a partner's body in a sexual manner, toward release.

There are, however, many variations on a theme as far a heavy petting is concerned. One of the most fun for long-time couples is to spend an evening petting instead of making love. Begin as you normally would begin a lovemaking session, only this time, restrict yourselves from actually having intercourse. Knowing this ahead of time will make the petting session even more intense. Remember, there's no rule against having an orgasm, just no penetration. See how creative you can get!

Bonus Tip (for the truly adventuresome and/or truly horny): Keep your clothes on.



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