The Third Date Myth

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The Third Date Myth

I don't know how this idea that having sex on the third date became so popular that it has actually become dating etiquette, but it's very damaging. Always trust your gut when it comes to whether or not to have sex with someone. Don't ever use sex to keep a relationship going or because you fear losing someone's interest. It debases you as well as the act of love itself.

Needing guidelines such as “The Third Date Rule” to negotiate interactions with other human beings presumes that we have lost contact with our instincts. Do not accept that. It is natural to be attracted to someone and it's natural not to. Listen to your body, listen to your heart.

Bonus Tip : Forget the “Wait Three Days Before Calling” rule, too. Here's why: Picture a female bird in a tree singing for a mate. Now imagine there's a male bird in the neighboring tree saying, “Yeah, I'll call back in a few days. I don't want to seem desperate.” Ridiculous, right? Go with nature. Be honest.



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