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It's said that if you dream about water, you're actually dreaming about your sexuality. It's easy to understand why: It's soothing, supportive, and comforting. (In fact, water was our first home, in the form of amniotic fluid.)

Making love in water is an experience not to be missed. The lapping of waves against your skin, your bodies held afloat and weightless… However, many people find it difficult to achieve full penetration while submerged. This is due to water being sucked up into the vaginal canal, filling it and leaving less room for the penis. There is an easy way around this problem.

If you're making love in a bath or hot tub, simply lift your bodies just above water level at the time of penetration. In a larger body of water, you can either swim to a more shallow area and do the same, or the woman can keep water from entering her vagina by not fully relaxing the vaginal muscles until the time of penetration. Hard to do when you're aroused, but since water is a natural lubricant, chances are you'll be able to move toward penetration a little faster than on you do on dry land.

Bonus Tip : Any excess water can be expelled from the vaginal canal by simply using the same muscles to push it out.



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