A Public Affair

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A Public Affair

Teasing each other in public is a tantalizing way to put a spark in your relationship. Depending on your comfort level, here are a few tips for public flirtation in ascending order – from tame to downright naughty:

  • Steal a kiss. Anywhere, anytime. The important thing is spontaneity.
  • In a bar, excuse yourself and go to the rest room. Instead, stop by the bar and have a drink sent over to your lover. Make sure the server says that it's from “an admirer at the bar.” When s/he gets it, and looks over, be there waiting with a sexy smile.
  • When you're out together somewhere quiet, like a museum or a movie theater, whisper in you lover's ear something sexy that you'd like to do with him/her tonight.
  • “Forget” to wear underwear. Remember to tell him.



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