First-time Anal Sex: Women

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First-time Anal Sex: Women

Technically this tip can be used if you've already experienced anal sex, but if you haven't, here's a great way to make sure your first time is truly enjoyable.

Many women avoid anal sex because they worry about the loss of control. You can avoid this by becoming the penetrator.

  1. Have your partner lie down.
  2. Straddle him, either facing him or away (the latter is easier for anal penetration), toward his feet.
  3. Be sure he's wearing a condom.
  4. Use plenty of lubrication on his protected penis as well as your anus. (Don't forget to have fun with the application!)
  5. Take a deep breath and let it out. Repeat throughout.
  6. Position the tip of his penis against your anus. You may wish to masturbate a little to relax the entire region.
  7. Focus on relaxing all your rectal muscles, almost to the point of pushing them out.
  8. Ease yourself down onto his penis as slowly as you wish, stopping whenever you feel yourself clenching up or experiencing pain. The more lubrication, the easier this will be. Feel free to add more lube of have your lover do it for you.
  9. Each time you stop, breathe. Unclench . Then proceed.
The deeper you get, the more the pleasure will begin to take over. It's a different feeling than vaginal penetration, so don't have similar expectations. Anal sex feels more like a full body sensation, warm and exciting. For some women, it quite literally takes their breath away. (That's another reason why breathing is so important!)



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