#1 Sex Tip for Women: Confidence

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#1 Sex Tip for Women: Confidence

If there's one thing men want women to know about sex, it's this: You are sexy. If you weren't, he wouldn't be there in the first place. The biggest turn-off for men is a woman who is self-conscious about her body and/or her sexuality.

Sex is communication. The more self-conscious you are during sex, the more your partner will be apt to become self-conscious himself. Even the most comfortable lover will begin to withdraw in the presence of a partner who is doing the same.

No one is expecting you to abstain from sex until you are madly in love with your own body. But at least suspend your self-criticism while you're making love.

Bonus Tip : Live vicariously through his attraction to you. Watch his behavior toward you as you make love. Reflect his attraction to you back at him. If you do this often enough, you will begin to develop a healthier and happier sense of your sexual self.



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