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You may be surprised to know that many people decide how good a potential lover is in bed based on how well s/he kisses. You can make yourself a better kisser with these kissing tips:

  • Forget the passionate lip grabbing you see in the movies. When kissing begins, go slowly. Let your partner melt into the kiss.
  • Don't start out with your tongue or too much lip. “Sloppy kisses” are one of the top complaints women have about men's make-out tactics.
  • Before introducing your tongue, use your lips to “hug” and caress your partner's lips lightly. Move to short kisses on their cheeks and neck before returning to the lips.
  • Once you do begin to use your tongue, tease it into play. Open your mouth slightly and brush the tip of your tongue against your lover's lips. This is not only extremely sexy, it's also a nice way to find out if your partner wants to tongue kiss. How can you tell? S/he'll return the favor.



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