The Talkers

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The Talkers

After an exhilarating session of lovemaking, many people like to use this opportunity to converse about the sex. The “How was it for you?” types. When both couples are working on their relationship and both are avid verbal communicators, this is a great time to go over sex topics. It's certainly convenient on the off chance that talking about it arouses you both; you can make love again.

Talking is also a fine afterplay technique if you both tried a new position, technique, role-play, sex aid, toy, etc. and you'd like to get feedback. No one says you have to go into graphic detail or have an hour-long debate, but often a few words will do the trick.

If you feel the talking is getting too intense or that you can't give all your energy to it, try to get a general sense and then suggest that you both table the conversation for later.



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