A Couple That Plays Together...

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Should my partner and I use sex toys together?

A Couple That Plays Together...

Once you and your partner have reached a level in your relationship where you feel comfortable with each other sexually, you may wish to incorporate sex toys for couples into your lovemaking. If you're new to the world of sharing sex toys, start out with something you both can enjoy, such as a small vibrator. Take turns moving it across each other's skin, but not directly on the genitals at first. After a while, you can begin to investigate how the vibrator turns each of you on when placed on (or in) different areas of the body. Some people also enjoy more interactive sex toys for couples such as light S&M kits. These often include restraints, feathers, blindfolds, whips, clamps and more.

However, not everyone enjoys using toys in sexplay, so it's best to discuss the idea with your partner before you introduce toys to the bedroom.



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