Traveling with Adult Sex Toys

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How should I pack adult sex toys into my luggage?

Traveling with Adult Sex Toys

With airport security as tight as it is these days, you may be wondering how to pack adult sex toys for your next vacation getaway. You best bet is to pack toys into your checked luggage. You bag will most likely be checked, but not as thoroughly as your carry-on can be.

Try to bundle adult sex toys in their own carrying cloth, bag or case within your luggage to avoid the glaring obviousness of a dildo or a strap-on harness lying amid your cargo shorts and tank tops. If you do decide to keep your toys in your carry-on, be prepared for questioning, especially if the toys may be misconstrued as potential weapons. (Some metal or glass items may be questioned.) Keep a sense of humor about it, and you'll get through security in no time.



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