Sex Ed Tips from Professionals

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Who can teach me tips on sex education?

Sex Ed Tips from Professionals

Sometimes the best adult sex education comes from the professionals. Not doctors, but adult film stars. Here are some suggestions from which you both can benefit:

  • Want it. Want it bad. Nothing is a greater turn-on than being desired. Show your partner you're passionate about being intimate with him/her. Luxuriate in the anticipation of making love. You can accomplish this verbally or with body language.
  • Oral sex isn't a chore – nor is it a reward for “good behavior” in the relationship. Adult movie actors always seem to enjoy going down, don't they? So should you. As comedian Robin Williams once advised, “Pack a lunch and stay the day.”
  • Enjoy your body. Save the complaints for commiseration sessions with your pals. A partner who is comfortable in his/her skin reflects a sexiness that is irresistible.



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