Lingerie for All

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What lingerie is right for me?

Lingerie for All

The naked body is a beautiful thing to behold. But sometimes not showing it, but rather hinting at it is sexier. This is the idea behind erotic lingerie. Even if you never thought of yourself as the lingerie type, give it a try. Here are a few ideas for beginners:

Start with something comfortable. Silk or satin teddies are a great choice. They provide torso coverage, while still giving teasing hints at your curves. Choose colors that reflect the mood you want to relay: Lighter tones for playful innocence and darker ones for sultry sexuality.

Lingerie for you doesn't necessarily mean thongs or bikini-style briefs – although these are excellent for showing off your package, as it were. If you do choose sexy underwear, try pairing them with something unexpected and subtle, such as wearing them under jeans. (When you strip, he or she will flip!) Another great choice is a short, silk robe. Wear nothing underneath it, and stay in it as long as you can. Your partner will love the feel of silk on his/her naked body.



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