Stimulating the Male G-spot

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What do male vibrators do?

Stimulating the Male G-spot

Besides offering intense pleasure, stimulating the male g-spot -- the prostate gland -- is also very good for a man's health. Male vibrators designed for expressly this purpose can be found in any sex toy retail shop. Look for smaller, thinner versions of the female G-spot vibrators -- both have a distinctive curve at the head.

Using a decent amount of lubrication (or a lubricated condom), insert the male vibrator into the anus so that the curve "points" forward, toward the front of the body. Begin on a low vibrating setting and move up as you feel more comfortable and turned on. Stimulation of the prostate in this way provides a unique level of sexual pleasure for a man and also exercises the gland itself, which can assist in preventing prostate cancer.



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