Anal Dildos 101

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What does an anal dildo look like?

Anal Dildos 101

Not all dildos are created equal. That is, some are specifically for vaginal use. You can identify anal dildos by their shape: They should be shorter, thinner, and should have a wider base to prevent it from entering the anus fully. (Unlike vaginal dildos, which cannot be “lost” in the vagina, anal dildos can be lost up into the intestines.)

Be sure your anal dildo has no sharp edges or seams, which can irritate or even rip the sensitive lining of the anus. Use lots of lubricant when inserting anything into the anus. If you and your lover are sharing the toy, never move the dildo from one anus to the other or from anus to vagina without washing the dildo first in warm, soapy water.

If you want some whimsical fun, try the Swizzle Stick. It's an anal dildo that swizzles, creating anal sensations. You can find it at



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