Ben-wa for Beginners

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How are ben-wa balls used?

Ben-wa for Beginners

Ben-wa balls are an ancient sex aid for women, in use since around 500 AD. The balls are made of metal or plastic, and placed deep inside the vagina. PC muscles hold them in place, and as the woman moves they roll inside her, creating sexual sensations.

For the best experience, empty your bladder before inserting the ben-wa balls. Place one ball in at a time, squeezing your PC muscles to hold them in. If you're new to ben-wa balls, start out with the plastic version and upgrade to metal, once your PC muscles are strong enough to hold them. Begin by practicing with the ben-wa balls at home. Rocking in a rocking chair is a great beginner stimulation technique. After you get used to them, feel free to wear them on your daily chores outside the house. It's a lovely way to enjoy stimulation all day long.



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