Effectiveness of Birth Control

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Does birth control really work? some people says it does and some say it doesn't.

Effectiveness of Birth Control

No birth control is 100% effective besides abstinence (not having sex). That said, if you are having sex, you should pick the type of birth control most effective and best for you. Remember, much of what makes birth control effective is using it properly as instructed. Here is a partial list of types of birth control and their effectiveness:
Male condom: 87%-97%
Female condom: 79%
Contraceptive sponge: 64%-82%
Diaphragm: 82%
Cervical cap: 80%
Intrauterine devices (IUD): 98%-99%
The pill: 97%-99%
Depo-provera: 99%
Contraceptive patch: 98%-99%
Vaginal ring: 99%
Withdrawal: 75%-80%



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