Sex Education Frequently Asked Questions

Is anal sex bad for you?

Who can receive pleasure from anal sex?

What is anal sex?

What items can be used for penetration during anal sex?

Should I try anal sex?

What kinds of erection enhancers are there?

What is natural erection enhancement?

What is a cock ring?

What can a cock ring do for a woman?

What happens during a penis erection?

Should I be worried if I can't sustain an erection?

Are circumcised penises better?

Does penis size really matter?

How is the penis similar to the clitoris?

What is oral sex?

How can I tell if my partner is enjoying oral sex?

What will make me better at performing oral sex?

Is oral sex natural?

What is a blow job?

How can I have better sex?

Will communication help me be a better lover?

What do I need to do to be a better lover?

If I don't have an orgasm, am I having sex the wrong way?

How can I learn about better sex?

How can I spice up my love life?

What is the best position for sex?

What is The Kama Sutra?

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Will new sex positions improve my love life?

When is the right time for penetration during sex?

Where can I learn about sex techniques?

What do men like during sex?

What is trantric sex?

Can adult videos help my love life?

Do couples make their own sex films?

Can I learn about sex by watching a video?

How has the adult film industry changed over the years?

What are the benefits of watching sex videos?

Is a woman's sex drive as high as a man's?

Who should initiate sex?

Is it normal for older women to have sex?

Will natural lubrication wane as a women ages?

Is having multiple partners wrong for a woman?

What is a sex swing?

How do I mount a sex swing?

What is a spinning sex swing?

Can I read reviews of love swings?

What is a bungee sex swing?

How can I add variety to my sex life?

Do sex toys require maintenance?

Where can I buy sex toys?

Can I buy sex toys online?

What sex toys are available for couples?

Are there sex toys for men?

What is a popular male sex toy?

Are there any realistic sex toys for men?

Where can I learn about sex toys?

Can men use sex toys with a partner?

What can a single woman do to stay sexually satisfied?

How do female sex toys work?

Can dildos be made of glass?

What are ben-wa balls?

Where is the "G spot"?

What do vibrators do?

Are vibrators bad for you?

What is a rabbit vibrator?

What does the jack rabbit vibrator do?

Can anyone use a vibrator?

Can I make my own dildo?

How long have dildos been used?

Are there vibrating dildos?

What is a strap-on dildo?

What is the history of the dildo?

How has society dealt with female orgasms?

What is the purpose of female orgasms?

What is a clitoris?

What is a clitoral erection?

What happens during a woman's orgasm?

Why do some women have trouble reaching orgasm?

When should I talk to my child about sex?

Is there such a thing as adult sex education?

Can I learn about sex online?

Are there videos to help me learn about sex?

Where can I find sex education videos?

What is the best way to practice safe sex?

What can I do to make safe sex exciting?

What kinds of condoms are on the market?

What is a female condom?

How can I stay up-to-date on safe sex practices?

How important is lubrication to sex?

What kinds of personal lubricants are available?

Do women produce less vaginal lubrication as they age?

Do lubricants come in flavors?

Should I use a water-based lubricant?

What is masturbation?

What is the best way to give myself sexual release?

Do many women masturbate?

Will masturbating make a man's penis longer?

How do people masturbate?

What is mutual masturbation?

Does birth control really work? some people says it does and some say it doesn't.

birth control methods

How can water be used as a sex lubricant?

What is a USB vibrator?

What is the best sexual position?

Recent Sex Education Questions

Q. I have been on the pill for 16 months. How long should I let the pill get "out of my system" before my husband and I try to conceive?
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Q. If a woman does not have an orgasm, conception is still possible. But but if the man doesn't orgasm inside her, can she still get pregnant?
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Q. My boyfriend has a very small penis. Because of this, I'm not reaching orgasm when we make love. What can I do?
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Q. I am only 15 years old and I already have a curve in my penis when erect. Is this really bad?
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Q. I just purchased my first vibrator. I have tried relaxing, varying speeds, and tightening the PC muscles. The only thing that gets me off is constant pressure against my clit using my finger. When I stimulate my clit with the vibrator, the feeling is too intense and I cannot continue to the point of orgasm. Any tips?
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Q. I am a 27-year-old female and I have been happily married for seven years. The problem is that during sex, my husband often likes to talk about me being with another woman. He says he would like to watch, but he would not have to touch her. He knows I wouldn`t like that. The thing is I really like the idea of being with a woman. I often fantasize about it, during sex, and while masturbating. Now it seems like the only time I can have an orgasm is while picturing this. I also have a hard time getting aroused without watching a porn or seeing pictures of naked women. Does this mean I am a lesbian, or is this natural? I have never been with a woman before. I really love my husband and could not imagine having a relationship with a woman. I hope you have an answer for this problem.
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Q. I have three little girls, and I was wondering how to explain to them about covering their private areas without making them self-conscious or making them feel that their private areas are something bad. I don`t want them to be ashamed, but I want them to be private about their bodies.
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Q. I just recently became sexually active. It feels great but I don't last very long and I don't think my partner is enjoying it as much as I would like her to. Sometimes I have trouble maintaining full erections as well. Do you have any tips?
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Q. After having sex how long does it normally take to become pregnant?
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Q. I have never had an orgasm as far as I can tell. Sometimes I think I`ve come close but it`s very frustrating to both me and my boyfriend. I`m able to get him to orgasm but for some reason I don`t. What can we do?
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Q. I recently developed an angle in my penis. Is this normal?
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Q. Can a woman get pregnant if there is semen on her body, near her vagina?
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Q. I used to have orgasms with my boyfriend and through masturbation, but now I am rarely stimulated to the point of orgasm. What can I do?
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Q. I have heard that a woman's sex drive increases in her 30s. Mine has, and it's great. Does it have anything to do with my age?
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Q. How do I know if my wife is masturbating? She seems to prefer it to having sex with me. What can I do?
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Q. Is it possible to conceive one day after menstruation?
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Q. How do I tell my friends and family that I'm a lesbian?
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Q. I`m having a hard time coming out of the closet.
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Q. I like to perform oral sex on my partner, but she prefers only penetration. How can I convince her so that I can share my love with all her body?
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Q. I am 27 years of age and my lover is 42 years of age. She likes having sex with me but she doesn't get wet very easily. What can we do?
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Q. What can I do if I am allergic to a sexual lubricant?
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Q. Can you be allergic to lubrication? If so, what other protection can someone use for sexual intercourse?
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Q. I have never achieved orgasm with a man. Should I be concerned about a medical issue? Or would it be solely a personal issue with performance?
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Q. Do you have to have penetration in order to become pregnant?
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Q. Is it possible to get pregnant within the last two days of your period?
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Q. My wife and I have been trying to conceive for the past four months. After intercourse, a lot of sperm spills out. Is this why we are not conceiving? How can we solve this problem?
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Q. I have a split in my clitoris. Is this normal?
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Q. Is it possible for a woman to get pregnant if you have unprotected sex with her while she is having her period?
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Q. What can I do to make her fly to the skies during sex?
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